We believe in

We exist to promote running as a healthy and sustainable transportation solution. We are committed to developing thoughtfully designed running backpacks and gear that allow people to incorporate exercise into their daily routine while reducing carbon emissions.

A walk sign with a runner symbol.

We value
good design & progressive

Our design process is based on collaboration with athletes and run commuters and iterative refinement. We are committed to using innovation to solve environmental and public health problems.

Running backpack sketches
Running backpack

We build technical
running gear for
everyday wear.

We believe the best products are multipurpose. Athletic gear can be good looking, and fashion can be functional. Zip’s products are designed for high-performance running and patterned for ergonomics, durability, and style.


ip was founded by run commuter and industrial designer John Swain. Living in New York City and commuting to Manhattan, John realized that he could run home from his office faster than he could get there by subway. Guided by experience as a design researcher, trail runner and cross-country ski racer, John developed a running backpack to meet the unique needs of run commuters.